like it never happened

Hey ho!

working for that company D made me work for has been nothing but pressure and a disaster.

As it is, D, D’s mom and S aren’t talking to me, and frankly, I don’t think I really care much about it at all.
Things got out of hand 2 weeks before D left. S never worked there in the first place.

Now, it feels like I’ve never known my best friends at all. I knew them through and through, and I still do, but they’ve lost touch of their own souls, it seems that they left themselves behind altogether.

It’s a bitter ending.

And honestly, I quite pity them.


I will be starting school soon, but I hardly know anyone at school. Which kinda sucks. :S I only hope I will be able to catch up with everyone else when I get back to school. :S

I say that, because I’ve been made to go to korea for some business things… for 3 weeks.

It’s quite exciting, I dare say… I will take lots of pictures, of the places that I will be staying at, at the places where I will visit. It will be all very exciting!! (:


first day at work

So work didn’t start on wednesday, it started friday instead.

They played me out (even though they explained that they were actually overstaffed. So meh, what am I to say?) twice, so I went down today.

I’m still a noob trying to grab hold of whatever knowledge I have. It’s okay I guess, since I’m quite used to having off-peak times and peak times in the laboratory previously in school.

But there, hours seem like hours, minutes seem like minutes. In school, it used to be 3 hours feeling like 1 hour, even though sometimes it felt like the other way around.

Anyway, it’s quite weird working there. They follow the rules too much, because there are CCTVs nearly everywhere save for the toilets. Damn.

Most of them there are malays. There was one indian guy, one chinese chef, a malay chef, this arabic-looking dude. I think he looks much like a…. I don’t know… some one from the western middle east, he looks very much like an european, yet I am sure he’s from the middle east. Well, I’ll just have to get to know him a little better is all. He doesn’t talk much, but he stares at me alot.

The chinese guy has a perverted face. He likes to give a eyeball look on all the females that pass him by. He stood there and gave me a once-over glance, and I did so too, but I did so rather coldly and after that, he just left me alone. I say, he treats me with some disrespect, I shall see what he treats me like over the next few days, and I’ll treat him the same way too. What a bitch.

D went down late today, but it couldn’t be helped. D and R got lost on the way up, so they had to take the long route up. haha!

The two of them ended up helping, even though there wasn’t any pay. C said they could have their dinner on the house, since they helped out. The boys were quite disgruntled by that.

Anyway, yeah…

I’ll update more later, but I have to be out of the house by 9.50am tomorrow later… D’s parents are dropping us off at the restaurant and I have to be at D’s place by 10am.

Work start Wednesday.

I hope that I will sincerely, have fun at work. Work for work, but I will try to have fun while at it.

Impress only to impress upon the work, but I will try not to overdo it.

Play time is over, and I have to remember for what I’m worth, I am no longer a child.

I am now a worker, an adult.

I will try to gain job satisfaction at this job. I will try. I will have to.

But then, I’ve done this thing before. It’s all too familiar to me.
Serving food, and drinks, bringing the check, clearing tables and setting them back up again.
and then, washing dishes, cups and plates, under hot scalding waters.
Harsh detergents that make my hands itch.
I don’t know what I’d like better, being a personal assistant to someone, or to be a waitress.
Daddy wants me to be a banker,  but I don’t know.

what will I do, when I no longer know what to do?

Rolling Stars

For what it’s worthed, I am still sick.

Like, sick sick sick sick sick.

Headaches so bad, it’s kinda like constant migraines. Flu symptoms quite bad that I can’t taste, can’t smell.

My ears are still blocked, it’s still uncomfortable to do just about anything. To top it off, I have a fever that’s neither here nor there.

I feel crappy just complaining about my lack of an immune system.

But it’s never ending. This pain in my head is never ending. The flu is never ending. I hate being sick. I just want to get better, get out of the house, go exercise. Mainly, just to get outside.


Watch the sunrise

Say your goodbyes
Off we go
Some conversation
No contemplation
Hit the road

Car overheats
Jump out of my seat
On the side of the highway baby
Our road is long
Your hold is strong
Please don’t ever let go Oh No

I know I don’t know you
But I want you so bad
Everyone has a secret
But can they keep it
Oh No they can’t

The results

Oh right, I’d conveniently forgot to tell you of my results.

It’s abso-bloody-lutely disgusting. I feel sick (if one is able to feel sicker than already being sick) just at the thought of the results. Not a single A. Ian had his Distinction. I don’t even get a nice pointy A. :(

I shall try my darnest when I start work. I will provide the best vodka-magaritas there are. Oh yes, I forgot to mention, I will end up just mixing drinks somehow. And if need be, I will end up serving and waiting on tables too. Maybe if the actors would just stop walking in to the restaurant in their caps, trying to look so inconspicuous… maybe I’d stop smiling to myself at the prospect of trying to burst out laughing and smashing some glasses while bartendering at the bar counter.

Right. Disgusting results are as follows:

Proteomics: C
Drug Development: C
Structural & Functional Genomics: D+
Molecular Biology of Inf. Diseases: D+
Principles of Clinical Trials: B+
Essentials of Business Management: C+ (meaning to say I totally flunked that last paper)
Marketing for Life Sciences: C+
Bioinnovation: B+

I hate, hate, hate myself for being a useless brainiac.
Oh, yeah. I am a useless brainiac alright.

Anyway, I can’t wait to start memorising the number of magaritas I get to make. Actually, I don’t really like magaritas. I was hoping I’d get to make other cool stuff like Black Velvet, Angel’s kiss, Hemingway’s, and the like.

Waiting. I’m on hold.

I’m waiting. I have been waiting for an entire month.
I’ve been put on hold.

School’s ended. Everyday, I remind myself, ‘Get the damn transcript photocopied, go down and submit the photocopies and be done with applications.’ But no, I had to go out, have fun, get to bed SO late into the night early in the morn, and then eat so damn much (i am seriously such a glutton) and then fall ill to the woes and calamities of food poisoning (okay, maybe just a servere case of indigestion)….

I am waiting. I have been put on hold.

I am tired. of waiting, that is.

And then, D, my best friend, calls, “Angie (from hereon: me / A / whateversuitsthesentence), Aunt C wants us down tomorrow to help set up the restaurant. I’ll text you tonight what time you’ve got to be at my place, okay?”

That was just on saturday evening. She told me over MSN that I had to be at her place by 11.30am. By 12 midnight, I was asleep. Sunday morning, when I woke up and turned on my cell, “Hey, mom’s changing meeting time so that we can go out for brunch. Meet at my place 11.”


Rush rush rush.

D’s taking her own bloody sweet time. D, I swear I want to kill you now. But, since there is that imaginary Law of The Best Friends Forever, wherein it states that one does not loose her temper over her best friend forever’s complacency and ability to be so slow. I do not stalk up to her and strangle her.

But… Me: VERY sleepy. VERY hungry. VERY not well.

She: Very noisy. VERY noisy. VERY slow.

Her ma: VERY noisy. VERY agitated. VERY hungry.

We don’t make the best people to be put in the same room. But, imaginary Law of The Best Friends Forever was applied. Therefore, we managed to make it all out in one piece each with no scuffles, just bruised egos, 10 minutes later.

Anyway, I got sick. After lunch, I got sent home.
Before that, we were busy tearing off the card board paper off the new chairs for the restaurant. Made this shit load of mess. Half the floor space was piled high with paper. Me likes because I doesn’t have to clear it out.  I got sent home, remember?

I am still waiting.

To get better, that is.


You know, when I graduate from school…..
There are SOOOO many things I want to do….
IF I do manage to clinch that volunteer job with the National Youth Council….
Then I’ll do that, after that, I’d prolly find a temporary full-time job with the aquarium….
Work there for a few months, a year perhaps?

I can’t think of where to work next…. because working in the aquarium is all I can ever think about right now… Perhaps with the zoo too or something… I don’t know. I wanna do animal shows, that sorta stuff…. be an animal trainer. hah.

Anyway, it’s the term holidays…
I really ought to be studying… but no mood.

School starts Jan 3rd 07…
not looking forward to it, honestly speaking.

Oh well….


Test today was a horror. I suck at things like exams, honestly.

Get me to do projects, sure I’m okay with that, but written stuff? Yuck. Never have been my forte. Performing, I can. Events planning, I can. Doing up an entire website, I can. Writing papers as an exam, I cannot. Writing stories, that I can. Because I can make things up as I go along. NOT with dead things like facts. Nuh-uh.

But how ironic it is, that with facts, I create stories.

Perhaps, if I psycho myself hard enough, I can make myself memorise these facts with so much gusto, I can write sci-fi with them someday. About RNA synthesis and recombinatory hotspots in genes. Mapping the genes out physically by the chromosomes all the way down to the very last dot of the histones…. How humans slowly, ever so slowly start to evolve into underwater breathing sea creatures with unique feet that gives them enough pull on the gravity to keep them on the sea bed, or swim around without the fear of getting swept by the currents, and all that…..

Maybe, well, maybe one day that would be a crappy story that I would write. A crappy story that would keep many testosterone-hyped boys and men driven into their seats, flipping page after page, reading that story I wrote. About how a mad scientists changes the entire world, with just genes and DNA. But it went all wrong with the damn recombinatory hotspots. lol.


Oh, Studying for tomorrow now.

Structural and Func. Genomics tmr. So is Clinical trials. gah.

doofus. I hate studying. It’s like having my memories stolen from me everytime I sit for a test. Amnesia. Temporary amnesia. GAAAAH!!!!!

Terrible. WHY?!?! WHY?!?!

Me and My Procastinations

I have a very bad habit, it’s called procastination. It’s a bad habit that sticks with everyone once in a while.

Right now, it’s term tests, yet here I am, procastinating. Hence, the blog address.

So while I try to squeeze in more proteomics and drug development, I will blog abit more, and tell you abit more from where I left off with my other blog.

Last from the other blog, I was in a frenzy over what I was about to do with my time, and how it was gonna be spent studying non-stop for this final semester (I do hope it won’t be the last that I see of school), and how I hated the fact that while I loved schooling, studying for the exams was actually a big she-dog.

I suppose every other student feels that way sometimes.

I have to continue psyching myself to love the things I study, just so I pass this final semester in good graces. My testimonials and CV will look pretty with this diploma despite the fact that the actual contents aren’t actually very pretty to look at. But that doesn’t really matter with me, because like I said, CV will look pretty indeed. This diploma is just but a small check on the to-do list against The Bigger Plan of mine. So much that I’m reminded why I was in science school in the first place.

I mean, I could’ve just went to that JC 5 minutes down the road, but I chose to travel in a BUS, 30 minutes to the current school I’m at now to suffer an extra year of schooling instead of the usual 2 that the regular students go through. All just because I had a bigger plan to carry out by the time I hit 25. I’m working on borrowed time right now.

Anyway. nonsense aside, big welcome back to myself from hiatus.
Big hello to you for visiting this unhumble blog of mine.  (:

This bad habit of mine, it’s got to stop soon. The one called procastination.
Let’s see what other things I procastinate upon for the remaining 9 weeks of school, eh?