Waiting. I’m on hold.

I’m waiting. I have been waiting for an entire month.
I’ve been put on hold.

School’s ended. Everyday, I remind myself, ‘Get the damn transcript photocopied, go down and submit the photocopies and be done with applications.’ But no, I had to go out, have fun, get to bed SO late into the night early in the morn, and then eat so damn much (i am seriously such a glutton) and then fall ill to the woes and calamities of food poisoning (okay, maybe just a servere case of indigestion)….

I am waiting. I have been put on hold.

I am tired. of waiting, that is.

And then, D, my best friend, calls, “Angie (from hereon: me / A / whateversuitsthesentence), Aunt C wants us down tomorrow to help set up the restaurant. I’ll text you tonight what time you’ve got to be at my place, okay?”

That was just on saturday evening. She told me over MSN that I had to be at her place by 11.30am. By 12 midnight, I was asleep. Sunday morning, when I woke up and turned on my cell, “Hey, mom’s changing meeting time so that we can go out for brunch. Meet at my place 11.”


Rush rush rush.

D’s taking her own bloody sweet time. D, I swear I want to kill you now. But, since there is that imaginary Law of The Best Friends Forever, wherein it states that one does not loose her temper over her best friend forever’s complacency and ability to be so slow. I do not stalk up to her and strangle her.

But… Me: VERY sleepy. VERY hungry. VERY not well.

She: Very noisy. VERY noisy. VERY slow.

Her ma: VERY noisy. VERY agitated. VERY hungry.

We don’t make the best people to be put in the same room. But, imaginary Law of The Best Friends Forever was applied. Therefore, we managed to make it all out in one piece each with no scuffles, just bruised egos, 10 minutes later.

Anyway, I got sick. After lunch, I got sent home.
Before that, we were busy tearing off the card board paper off the new chairs for the restaurant. Made this shit load of mess. Half the floor space was piled high with paper. Me likes because I doesn’t have to clear it out.  I got sent home, remember?

I am still waiting.

To get better, that is.


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