The results

Oh right, I’d conveniently forgot to tell you of my results.

It’s abso-bloody-lutely disgusting. I feel sick (if one is able to feel sicker than already being sick) just at the thought of the results. Not a single A. Ian had his Distinction. I don’t even get a nice pointy A. :(

I shall try my darnest when I start work. I will provide the best vodka-magaritas there are. Oh yes, I forgot to mention, I will end up just mixing drinks somehow. And if need be, I will end up serving and waiting on tables too. Maybe if the actors would just stop walking in to the restaurant in their caps, trying to look so inconspicuous… maybe I’d stop smiling to myself at the prospect of trying to burst out laughing and smashing some glasses while bartendering at the bar counter.

Right. Disgusting results are as follows:

Proteomics: C
Drug Development: C
Structural & Functional Genomics: D+
Molecular Biology of Inf. Diseases: D+
Principles of Clinical Trials: B+
Essentials of Business Management: C+ (meaning to say I totally flunked that last paper)
Marketing for Life Sciences: C+
Bioinnovation: B+

I hate, hate, hate myself for being a useless brainiac.
Oh, yeah. I am a useless brainiac alright.

Anyway, I can’t wait to start memorising the number of magaritas I get to make. Actually, I don’t really like magaritas. I was hoping I’d get to make other cool stuff like Black Velvet, Angel’s kiss, Hemingway’s, and the like.


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