first day at work

So work didn’t start on wednesday, it started friday instead.

They played me out (even though they explained that they were actually overstaffed. So meh, what am I to say?) twice, so I went down today.

I’m still a noob trying to grab hold of whatever knowledge I have. It’s okay I guess, since I’m quite used to having off-peak times and peak times in the laboratory previously in school.

But there, hours seem like hours, minutes seem like minutes. In school, it used to be 3 hours feeling like 1 hour, even though sometimes it felt like the other way around.

Anyway, it’s quite weird working there. They follow the rules too much, because there are CCTVs nearly everywhere save for the toilets. Damn.

Most of them there are malays. There was one indian guy, one chinese chef, a malay chef, this arabic-looking dude. I think he looks much like a…. I don’t know… some one from the western middle east, he looks very much like an european, yet I am sure he’s from the middle east. Well, I’ll just have to get to know him a little better is all. He doesn’t talk much, but he stares at me alot.

The chinese guy has a perverted face. He likes to give a eyeball look on all the females that pass him by. He stood there and gave me a once-over glance, and I did so too, but I did so rather coldly and after that, he just left me alone. I say, he treats me with some disrespect, I shall see what he treats me like over the next few days, and I’ll treat him the same way too. What a bitch.

D went down late today, but it couldn’t be helped. D and R got lost on the way up, so they had to take the long route up. haha!

The two of them ended up helping, even though there wasn’t any pay. C said they could have their dinner on the house, since they helped out. The boys were quite disgruntled by that.

Anyway, yeah…

I’ll update more later, but I have to be out of the house by 9.50am tomorrow later… D’s parents are dropping us off at the restaurant and I have to be at D’s place by 10am.


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