like it never happened

Hey ho!

working for that company D made me work for has been nothing but pressure and a disaster.

As it is, D, D’s mom and S aren’t talking to me, and frankly, I don’t think I really care much about it at all.
Things got out of hand 2 weeks before D left. S never worked there in the first place.

Now, it feels like I’ve never known my best friends at all. I knew them through and through, and I still do, but they’ve lost touch of their own souls, it seems that they left themselves behind altogether.

It’s a bitter ending.

And honestly, I quite pity them.


I will be starting school soon, but I hardly know anyone at school. Which kinda sucks. :S I only hope I will be able to catch up with everyone else when I get back to school. :S

I say that, because I’ve been made to go to korea for some business things… for 3 weeks.

It’s quite exciting, I dare say… I will take lots of pictures, of the places that I will be staying at, at the places where I will visit. It will be all very exciting!! (:


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