This blog started out December’06. It’s a blog to vent out my musings and frustrations from work (and in the future, school life in the university). I am living in Singapore, always have been. Well, for some days in Malaysia, some in Hongkong, I have spent a day in Macau, nearly 2 weeks in Frankfurt, Switzerland and Paris. Though not in equal portions. A few hours in Doha, where I met Pierce Brosnan on a backpacking stint. He is SO tall.

You get the drift.

I have just finished a volunteer stint, where I was serving as a liaison officer to the Japanese delegation. They were by far, the easiest people to work with, but their embassy made things very screwed up for me, personally. And it made me think twice about whether I’d like to have a Japanese for a husband in the future.

I will now embark on another job – waitressing – at a mexican fine-dining restaurant. Work starts in May’07, and will most likely end before August’07; when university starts.

I will most likely end up working in the government.

Or I will end up in a bank doing banking, I don’t really quite know what the future has in stall for me, and I’d quite like to know, so that I can prepare for it.

In this blog, I am trying to find my life’s calling. This will be the motive and content, mostly of this blog.

In any case, I think I’ve said just about enough about myself.

This is a blog afterall. You want to know me, get to know me. To get to know me, read me. Read the blog.

(: cheers.

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