Work start Wednesday.

I hope that I will sincerely, have fun at work. Work for work, but I will try to have fun while at it.

Impress only to impress upon the work, but I will try not to overdo it.

Play time is over, and I have to remember for what I’m worth, I am no longer a child.

I am now a worker, an adult.

I will try to gain job satisfaction at this job. I will try. I will have to.

But then, I’ve done this thing before. It’s all too familiar to me.
Serving food, and drinks, bringing the check, clearing tables and setting them back up again.
and then, washing dishes, cups and plates, under hot scalding waters.
Harsh detergents that make my hands itch.
I don’t know what I’d like better, being a personal assistant to someone, or to be a waitress.
Daddy wants me to be a banker,  but I don’t know.

what will I do, when I no longer know what to do?



Test today was a horror. I suck at things like exams, honestly.

Get me to do projects, sure I’m okay with that, but written stuff? Yuck. Never have been my forte. Performing, I can. Events planning, I can. Doing up an entire website, I can. Writing papers as an exam, I cannot. Writing stories, that I can. Because I can make things up as I go along. NOT with dead things like facts. Nuh-uh.

But how ironic it is, that with facts, I create stories.

Perhaps, if I psycho myself hard enough, I can make myself memorise these facts with so much gusto, I can write sci-fi with them someday. About RNA synthesis and recombinatory hotspots in genes. Mapping the genes out physically by the chromosomes all the way down to the very last dot of the histones…. How humans slowly, ever so slowly start to evolve into underwater breathing sea creatures with unique feet that gives them enough pull on the gravity to keep them on the sea bed, or swim around without the fear of getting swept by the currents, and all that…..

Maybe, well, maybe one day that would be a crappy story that I would write. A crappy story that would keep many testosterone-hyped boys and men driven into their seats, flipping page after page, reading that story I wrote. About how a mad scientists changes the entire world, with just genes and DNA. But it went all wrong with the damn recombinatory hotspots. lol.


Oh, Studying for tomorrow now.

Structural and Func. Genomics tmr. So is Clinical trials. gah.

doofus. I hate studying. It’s like having my memories stolen from me everytime I sit for a test. Amnesia. Temporary amnesia. GAAAAH!!!!!

Terrible. WHY?!?! WHY?!?!